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We help spec builders prove that even starter homes can be certified to ENERGY STAR

Third-Party Verification

Environmental certifications have been included in the Northwest Multiple Listing Service for several years now, and the data is in: certified homes spend less time on market, sell for more money per square foot, and hold their value better over time. The only green home certifications consumers trust are the ones that have been verified by an independent third party. Green Dog is one of the most experienced third-party verifiers in the region, helping you certify projects to Built Green®, Northwest ENERGY STAR® Homes, and NAHB’s National Green Building Standard™ from Shelton to San Juan. We carry full liability coverage and are happy to provide our clients with a Certificate of Insurance.

Third-party verification is very affordable, and gives you an ally who is there throughout the project to clarify certification requirements, answer your questions, and make sure everything’s going smoothly. The process typically includes a meeting to decide on certification goals and how to meet them (ideally, when your project is still in design) and two or three site visits (framing, insulation, finish). At the end, we assemble the documentation the certification program(s) require and submit it on your behalf. Our goal is to make the certification process painless, practical, and profitable!

HERS scores give your buyers an ‘MPG rating’ for energy use

HERS Energy Modeling

As consumers focus more and more on energy efficiency, the concept of branding homes with a ‘miles per gallon’ rating for energy use is gaining ground. The gold standard is a HERS (Home Energy Rating System) rating, the accepted score used to qualify projects for Federal tax credits, energy-efficient mortgages, and project certification. HERS ratings can only be performed by a licensed rater. Click here to learn more about HERS ratings.

We’ll help you manage air sealing details throughout construction so you’ll ace your blower door test

Building Performance Testing

Green Dog can provide you with a wide range of energy testing to help you meet Washington State Energy Code requirements, reach your certification goals, and qualify for tax credits and other incentives. We offer PTCS-certified duct and blower-door testing, plus thermal imaging and both commercial and residential energy audits.

IMPORTANT: Now that blower door testing and duct testing are required by the Washington State Energy Code, there’s a lot of confusion about who can perform the tests. It only takes a couple of hours of training and purchase of the equipment to perform the code testing, but the standard is higher for ENERGY STAR Homes and other certification programs. Testing for homes pursuing certification must be performed by someone who has PTCS certification (Performance Tested Comfort Systems), which requires 2-3 days of training and both written and field tests. Cllick here to find out if your tester is PTCS certified.

We offer clock-hour classes for agents and appraisers, plus customized training for your staff

Training and Presentations

By combining a marketing background with technical expertise, Green Dog’s ‘Top Dog’ Pam Worner excels at demystifying building science for a wide range of audiences. She is a certified real estate instructor, offering lively, interactive clock-hour classes for agents and appraisers through Porterworks. Her most popular courses include ‘Selling Energy-Efficient Homes’ and ‘Understanding Green Home Certifications.’ She’s also a frequent presenter to industry and consumer groups and is happy to customize training or presentations to meet your needs. In addition, Pam volunteers her time each year as an instructor for Expanding Your Horizons, a nonprofit program that introduces high school girls to real-world uses for math and science.